Why The Power Gripz are Superior

Linemen Gloves - Why The PowerGripz are Superior

At The Power Gripz we aim to develop quality products using the best raw materials available. We always offer superior products and exceptional customer service throughout all points of the customer service experience.

Why Were The Power Gripz Developed?

Linemen, who must wear both rubber and leather gloves most every day, have found that leather protector gloves currently supplied are not totally designed to meet the demanding aspects of linemen’s duties. Every day, and especially during inclement weather, linemen rely on a good grip to get their jobs done safety and effectively. Whether they are working with small objects, such as nuts and bolts, wrenching on small line apparatus or using hand or power tools aloft, a secure grip is essential.

The Power Gripz Design:

THE POWER GRIPZ were designed by lineman for linemen who were concerned that the leather protectors on the market today did not meet the needs and the everyday issues that arise in linework. So, they came up with the ideal SOLUTION: THE POWER GRIPZ. These leather protectors were designed, tested and perfected by linemen themselves! While following the ASTM F-696 (ASTM2675) standard on the leather glove protectors, THE POWER GRIPZ meet and exceed all present specifications for leather glove protectors. All of THE POWER GRIPZ leather protectors and all-leather work gloves are rated 40 cal/CM2.

The Power Gripz Size Chart


 The Solution is the Patented Silicone-ribbed Grip Pads:

The proprietary scientifically-blended silicone- ribbed grip pads are on the fingers, palm and thumb areas of the glove so linemen wearing THE POWER GRIPZ can confidently complete all tasks and handle parts, pieces and tools of their trade with comfort. THE POWER GRIPZ special patented material and placement are what linemen have been waiting for! 

Endorsed by the Best

"THE POWER GRIPZ could begin to change the utility industry by giving better grip than leather with even better arc protection. Linemen have complained about the poor grip of leather, especially when damp. THE POWER GRIPZ could solve these problems without compromising protection. Until there is a performance based standard for leather protectors, THE POWER GRIPZ are a great option.”

Hugh Hoagland, ArcWear.com

ArcWear was founded in 2002 as a world-class Arc flash testing facility for protective apparel for manufacturers across the globe. They are the most experienced and trusted company in Arc testing with a worldwide reputation for reporting accurate and informative results.