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Personal Testimonials:

“I have to tell you that the response of having and using your gloves in class has been awesome. I have apprentices that want to buy the gloves on the spot. The apprentices here like them very much and find them to be superior to any glove they currently use in the field.”
-Leigh C. -Minnesota

“I’m a journeymen lineman and have been waiting for the day that someone came out with a product like this! Can’t wait to try these gloves out. Thank you!”
– John C. – Michigan

“We have some customers who have shown an interest in your leather protector gloves. Currently we sell a competitors gloves. Could you please send information to us regarding becoming a distributor or where we can locate them. Thank you.”
– Kathy S. – New Hampshire

“I’m a power lineman from Canada, and recently came across a fellow lineman from another utility who’s company buys your rubber glove covers. My utility currently uses a different protector than yours; and when I tried his Power Gripz, I knew that they were far superior. I would love to get some samples for the linemen at my work to try so that they can see firsthand what the Power Gripz are all about, so that we can change to using your covers exclusively. Thanks in advance.”
– Adam – Canada

“Just heard of these and wondered if you could send a few 10-10.5 and 11-11.5 pairs for my crew to try out. Hoping to have my employer make these the protectors of choice! Thank you, and work safe! My is excited to try them!”
– Paul M. – Pennsylvania

“We were interested in switching our linemen from the standard protectors over to the Power Gripz!”
– Tim H. – Colorado

“Interested in the gloves, had some linemen attend the conference in Florida and we would like to order some.”
– Kenny N. – Utah

“When working on underground transformers, switching cabinets or anything that involves using a hot stick it makes it easier. The POWER GRIPZ has small grips at the end of each finger and on the palm of the glove. When used to pull on a shotgun stick when removing elbows in underground transformer, my gloves do not slide down the stick. Also when working in a bucket, you can hold onto the smallest things. It’s great for when you have to open a small box when making connections. It is a great glove protector when you have to hold onto a particular tool in a tight spot. It just a great glove protector to be utilized by many lineman. Thank you.”
– Jack H. Rider – Georgia

KW Associates is pleased to announce that we are now representing ThePowerGripz complete line of gloves designed by Linemen for Linemen. KW takes pride in representing quality manufacturers that bring solutions to power utilities and ThePowerGripz Gloves fit our philosophy with their superior grip in all weather conditions.
– Keith T. Ward, President/Owner – KW Associates