Highest Safety Ratings

Linemen Safety and The Power Gripz

Linemen Safety and The Power Gripz

  • The highest leather protector glove ATPV rating in the industry: 40cal/CM2
  • Blocks fully 94% of heat penetration in EBT testing.
  • Meets and/or exceeds all ASTM F-696 (ASTM 2675) Standards for leather protector glove design.
  • Proprietary grip pads (patent pending) provide unparalleled grip without compromising hand dexterity, and safety in all weather conditions.
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Get a grip on safety
Ultimately, linemen know keeping the power on is all in their hands. But ordinary gloves weren’t designed for the real-world, in-the-air work they do every day. Ordinary leather protector gloves get slick from wear and the oily residues on line apparatus; maddeningly slippery in foul weather. Linemen need and deserve a better grip on the tools, small parts and apparatus they use, to work more efficiently, keep drop zones safer and get the job done, no matter what conditions the linemen face.

That’s why the same team of professional linemen who identified the inadequacies of old fashioned leather protector gloves helped design, test and perfect The Power Gripz.

The only gloves designed by linemen, for linemen – tested and proven by science to be superior for grip, arc protection, heat penetration, and all-weather dexterity. The Power Gripz have been endorsed by Hugh Hoagland, founder and senior consultant to ArcWear.

Tested by the best

Kinectrics LogoKinectrics is the category leader in providing life cycle management solutions for the electricity industry. Trusted by clients worldwide, Kinectrics expertise in testing, inspection and certification is backed by 100 years of experience in addressing the North American Utility Industry’s most challenging technical issues.


ArcWear LogoArcWear was founded in 2002 as a world-class Arcflash testing facility for protective apparel for manufacturers across the globe. They are the most experienced and trusted company in Arc testing with a worldwide reputation for reporting accurate and informative results.