Designed by Linemen, Used by Linemen

The Power Gripz - Designed by Linemen for Lineman

Linemen have been looking for a better glove, and after being continually unable to find a glove that met their needs, they ended up creating the best glove ever made.

It was a day like any other… just a few veteran linemen swapping stories…
The ranks of professional linemen know the risks of working aloft in all weather, and know their equipment and safety procedures are designed to keep them safe. However, on this particular day they realized everyone had a shared concern; leather protector gloves that created a sense of insecurity because they just don’t provide the grip we needed along with high voltage safety and keeping the “Drop Zone” free of fallen objects. That got them to thinking; there’s got to be a glove out there that provides better control on the job, and more help with the grip.

Except there wasn’t…
So those linemen set out to design a glove that would deliver the safety, grip, and control they needed. While researching, testing, and perfecting this new design of linemen leather protector gloves, they created the solution for personal safety, efficiency, and effectiveness on the job.

They created The Power Gripz.

Designed by Linemen, Used by Linemen