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What Lineman Are Saying About The Power Gripz

Hugh Hoagland On The Safety Advantages Of The Power Gripz

“When working on underground transformers, switching cabinets or anything that involves using a hot stick it makes it easier. The POWER GRIPZ has small grips at the end of each finger and on the palm of the glove. When used to pull on a shotgun stick when removing elbows in underground transformer, my gloves do not slide down the stick. Also when working in a bucket, you can hold onto the smallest things. It’s great for when you have to open a small box when making connections.  It is a great glove protector when you have to hold onto a particular tool in a tight spot. It just a great glove protector to be utilized by many lineman.”


Thank you
Jack H. Rider
GreyStone Power
Douglasville, Georgia